Hauser & Wirth – Somerset. “The Land we Live in, the Land we Left Behind”

I went to the Hauser & Wirth gallery in Somerset to see their latest exhibition; The Land we live in, the Land we left behind. Which featured over 100 artists work, both contemporary and older. The work celebrated and explored rural living and our past and present relationship with nature, from the food we eat to climate change. I was introduced to the contemporary artist Marcus Coates who mostly does film and installation work, but is mostly humorous. He made a sculpture in the exhibition called, ‘Crucufixes for various Amphibians” which were made out of lollypop sticks and elastic bands, based on the ones he and his brother made as children. They are darkly humorous and emphasise the twisted nature of the innocence of childs play. He also showed a video titled; ‘Out of Season’ which depicted the artist wearing a Chelsea football Tshirt standing in a woods, shouting aggressive football chants.

The exhibition also featured a lot of ceramic art, which inspired me to get more creative and free in terms of how I am using clay. The artists I have been researching (Aaron Angell and Jesse Wine) both had work in the exhibition. One of the rooms had a long table down the centre featuring work by various artists, forming a still life, with the pieces all relating to food. It was really inspiring and made me want to do something similar, either on my own or with other people.

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